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Navigation Toolbar

The Navigation Toolbar displays along the top of every screen and includes five drop-down menus: My Place, Companies, Contracts, Reports, and Search. Each menu includes two or more labeled icons that link you to program data and/or allow you to perform a task.  The Search menu contains only the Search Query link if the Elastic Search is enabled, but if you are running the Classic Search, the menu also contains a Document Search link.

The Navigation Toolbar also contains a Preferences drop-down menu that displays when you click on your name, and an Elastic (or Classic) search can be run from any program screen.  If you have any Administrative privileges, the Admin menu also displays. 


Classic and Elastic Search

The Search box in the Navigation Toolbar is used to perform a classic search for a keyword or phrase that appears in a Company or Contract Profile.  If the Elastic Search option is enabled, your search results resemble those of an Internet Search engine and also include results found in Document Profiles.


User Menu

A user menu displays when you click on your name in the upper right corner of the Navigation Toolbar. From this menu, you can launch the Online Help system, set your user preferences, return to the Dashboard from any screen, or logout of Conga Novatus.


Admin Menu

The Admin menu is present if you have one or more administrative privileges and contains a link to each feature, such as Email Distribution Lists.


  To quickly log out of the Novatus system, simply click on the icon to quickly return to the Dashboard, click on the Conga Novatus (or other logo) in the top left corner of every screen.

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