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Customize Your System Settings

User preferences allow you to customize Novatus so that system information is displayed in accordance with your specifications.

1.  Click on your name in the Navigation Toolbar, and select the Preferences link.


2.  In the User Preferences window, click the System tab.

3. Make any changes to the current settings.

4.  Select the Prevent Filter Save check box to have Search and Status filters cleared when exiting browse screens.

5.  Click Clear State if you want to clear any changes you make to screen settings and return them to the system defaults upon exiting, including Dashboard portlets and the fields displayed in browse screens.

  This option is useful in correcting display issues, such as missing icons or improperly aligned columns of data.

6.  Click Submit.

  You can click between all the tabs and make changes without losing the data entered on each tab. Simply click the Submit button on any tab when you have finished making your changes.


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