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Dashboard and Portlets

The screen that displays once you login to the Novatus system is your user Dashboard. The Dashboard contains a Navigation Toolbar with drop-down menus that link you to program functions and stored data, and also allow you to customize your view of the Novatus system. For example, you can change the user interface (UI) from the default Modern theme to the Classic theme by updating your system settings. You can also change your password as often as needed.

The My Place, Companies, Contracts, Reports, and Search menus in the toolbar provide quick access to program screens with stored information and/or screens that allow you to perform the several tasks available in the Novatus system. There is also a personalized menu bearing your name, which you can use to access your user preferences and the Online Help system, which is available as a PDF or HTML file. If you have Administrator permissions, the Admin menu is present in your toolbar and all the administrative functions that you can perform will be displayed in the menu.


The Dashboard is also used to house portlets, which are miniature browse screens that provide immediate access to the Company, Contract, and Project Profiles that you frequently visit. In addition to the profile portlets, you can add other types of portlets to your Dashboard, which will remind you of upcoming events and tasks, display your recent messages, allow quick access to your contract requests and the contracts for which you have been assigned a responsibility, and give you quick access to results obtained from searches that you frequently run on the data in the Novatus system. If you want to display search results graphically, there is a portlet that will allow you to create pie charts, bar charts, and time lines. For those who have approval authority, there is a Approvals portlet showing the contract requests that are awaiting review, as well as a Supplier Registration portlet that is used to quickly access the registration that are awaiting review and approval. For users who participate in workflows, document packages, and the eSignature process, there are also portlets to quickly access these records.


Before using the Novatus system, it is recommended that you perform these start-up tasks:

  • Review the components of a Company Profile, which stores basic information on the company and contains an Tool Bar and Links to company-related features.
  • Review the components of a Contract Profile, which stores basic information on the contract and contains an Tool Bar and Links to contract-related features.
  • Add navigation, reminder, and charting Portlets to your Dashboard, which keep you updated on your upcoming responsibilities and provide quick links to the companies, contracts, and projects you work on frequently.

Once you have completed these startup tasks, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the following:

  • My Place menu, which provides direct links to the information and tasks that directly impact you.
  • Hierarchical Relationships between companies and contracts, which explains how data is stored and structured in the Novatus system.
  • Search feature, which allows you to search the entire Novatus database for information, from the general to the specific, and run Reports on this information.