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About Creating an Analytics Report

Analytics is a very flexible reporting tool that allows you to run field-level reports on the existing data in your Novatus database, as well as create report fields that are designed to perform a calculation on a single field or define the relationship between two fields. The fields in a column can also have functions run against them, such as aggregating the values to display a sum, average, minimum, or maximum value, as well as performing a count of the total number of records in a field or a distinct count of the total number of unique records.

An Analytics Report can be created so that data is displayed in columns of information, or in rows of information. You can also create cross-tab reports where data is displayed in both columns and rows. However, cross tab reports require at least one aggregated field to properly display information.

Charting option provides a visual display of the data in the report, and several charts can be created from the same data if different aspects of the data need to be illustrated.

There are many options for formatting a report, which include managing the display of the entire report, as well as headings, columns, sections, filters, and individual fields. Similarly, there are many options for controlling the display of report information in a chart.

Report data can be analyzed by measuring actual performance against targets using a KPI Report, which is a distinct reporting style employed in Analytics. Report Summaries allow you to combine KPI reports and chart displays into a single report.

Lastly, there are three Analysis Styles that can be applied to a report in order to provide additional information for the report or to link the report to other related reports. For information on applying an Analysis Style to a report, see Working with Analysis Styles.

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