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Add Contract Request Types

The Salesforce Administrator for Novatus Contracts creates all of the contract types that salespeople can use when making a request for a contract. A contract request emanates in Salesforce and is submitted to Novatus for review and approval before the contract is entered in Novatus as a legally binding document. If the Approval Process in Salesforce is available and employed, the contract request is first approved in Salesforce before being submitted to Novatus, where it is reviewed a second time and either approved or declined.

IMPORTANT: While the Approvals feature is available in the Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance versions of Salesforce, the feature is not supported in the Professional version.

The Novatus contract request types that are available to Salesforce users are created by the Salesforce Administrator for Novatus Contracts. In establishing contract request types, an Administrator needs to identify all the types of contracts that can be requested in Salesforce and submitted to Novatus and add a contract request type for each identified contract type.

Once the link between Salesforce and Novatus has been established, Administrators can add contract request types to manage the various contracts that their Sales team needs. Administrators can also set up an approval process to ensure the contract requests that are sent to Novatus result in valid and enforceable contracts.

  Before adding a contract request type, ensure this type of request exists in Novatus Contracts. Verify that any field lists in the contract request have been defined using the Lists feature.

Adding a Contract Request Type

A contract request type is created from the Novatus Contract Types tab.



Novatus Contract Types tab

Click to display the Novatus Contract Types browse screen showing a list of the existing contract request types.



Contract Request Type records

View the existing contract request types. You can click on a request type link to view additional information for the request type.

Note: The browse screen displays the name of the request type, the type of document links associated with the request type, and the date on which it was created.


New button

Click to display the New Novatus Contract Type button.



Novatus Contract Type Name field

Enter the name of the contract request type.


Minimum Opportunity Probability field

Enter the lowest acceptable percentage possibility of this opportunity becoming an account before a salespeople can submit a request for this type of contract. You can enter the percentage as a whole number (e.g., 80) or as a whole number with two decimal places (e.g., 80.75).

Note: While you can fill this field, it is not enforced.


Document Options lists

Make a selection in the list, depending on which documents, if any, you want to make available to salespeople during the contract approval process.

Note: Documents may be linked, rather than uploaded to Salesforce, if storage is an issue.


Save button

Click to add a contract request type.

Note: To continue adding contract request types, click the Save & New button to save the request type and display a new screen that will allow you to add another contract request type.