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Overview of SalesConnect

The SalesConnect feature provides a link between Novatus and Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This link allows Salesforce users to request a contract when a deal has been reached with a new customer, or with an existing customer that is renewing a contract. Salesforce users make a contract request in Salesforce and then submit it to Novatus for approval.

In Salesforce CRM, a potential deal (or prospect) is classified as an Opportunity, and a customer is classified as an Account. When a prospect or customer is interested in signing (or renewing) a contract, the salesperson creates a Novatus contract request in Salesforce and attaches a draft or final version of the contract to the request. The salesperson then submits the request to Novatus for review and approval, while monitoring the status of the request in Salesforce.

In Novatus, the individual who approves a contract request is responsible for creating both the Company Profile (if the contract is for a new company) and the Contract Profile. After creating the Contract Profile, the document that was submitted with the contract request is automatically uploaded to the Documents section of the profile. The uploaded contract is not only available in Novatus, but it is also available to salespeople in the Salesforce application.

 The document submitted with a contract request may need to be negotiated using workflows or flows, or may be ready for eSignature. See the Novatus User Guide for information on flows, workflows, and the eSignature process.


The individual who is configuring the integration between Novatus and Salesforce must have Administrator permissions in both Novatus and Salesforce.  The Salesforce users who will be making Novatus contract requests must be granted permissions to Novatus in the Salesforce application.  However, depending on the package that is purchased, the Salesforce user may already have been granted Novatus permissions.

Installation and Integration Steps

There are several steps in installing and configuring SalesConnect in order to integrate Novatus and Salesforce:

Custom Salesforce Page Layouts

Salesforce Administrators for Novatus can add fields and lists to the default page layouts in Salesforce to capture additional data needed for the contract request process.

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