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Creating a Novatus Analytics User Role

This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

Administrators can create a Novatus Analytics user role, or they can simply add the Novatus Analytics permission to an existing role. However, it is recommended that Administrators create a new Analytics role that has only the Novatus Analytics permission, and then assign that role to those users who have the expertise to use the feature.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display the menu, and select Roles to display the Roles browse screen.

If the Roles link is not in your Admin menu, you do not have the permissions to use this feature.


New Role button

Click to display the Role Profile screen.



Role Name fields

Enter a name for the Analytics user role in the Role Name field (e.g., Analytics User).


Role Description


Provide a concise description for the role in the Role Description field (e.g., Access to Novatus Analytics feature).


Permission Types

check boxes

Scroll through the alphabetical listing and click in the check box for Novatus Analytics.


Save button

Click to add the Novatus Analytics user role.