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Reordering Flow Templates

When a flow template is published, it becomes active and automatically runs in all new Contract, Company, or Project Profiles that meet the restrictions set for the flow template, including any filters applied to the template.  If more than one flow template for a Contract, Company, or Project Profile has been published, users with the Flow Template Admin permission can control the order in which the templates are applied to Profiles.

   Although a contract flow template is used in the screen shot below, the steps are the same for reordering company flow templates and project flow templates. 

1.  Click Admin in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Contract Flow Templates, Company Flow Templates, or Project Flow Templates link.

2.  In the Published Flow Templates screen for contracts, companies, or projects, locate the flow template you want to move in the top section of the screen.

3.  Click on the flow template record to select it, and then drag-and-drop the template to the desired location in the numbered list.

  If the message displays, you are successfully moving the template.

4. Click Save Template Order in the toolbar.