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Copying a Contract Flow Template

The Copy feature allows Administrators to use an existing contract flow template to quickly create a new contract flow template. This timesaving feature is especially beneficial when the new flow template will have many of the same stages and steps that are already resident in the existing flow template.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display the menu, and click on Contract Flow Templates to display the Published Contract Flow Templates screen.

Note: If the Contract Flow Templates link is not present, you do not have permission to use this feature.


Contract Flow Template record

Locate the flow template you want to copy it, and double-click on it to display the Flow Design Panel screen.

Note: You can make a copy of any flow template, which includes both an active and inactive published flow template, as well as a draft flow template.



Copy Flow button

Click to redisplay the screen as a new template.



Flow Template Name field

If you want to provide a new name for the flow template, type over the existing text.

Note: If you do not change the name of the flow template, it will retain the name of the copied template and simply be appended with the word "Copy" (e.g., Contract Creation for Licensing Agreement - Copy).


Flow Template Description field

Flow Template Description field If you want to provide a new description for the flow template, type over the existing text. Otherwise, the new flow template will retain the description of the copied flow template.


Stages, Steps, and Connections

Update the template by adding stages, steps, and their connections, and/or revising stages, steps, and their connections.


Save Flow Template button

Click to save your changes and copy an existing flow template.

Note: The new template displays in the Flow Template Drafts section of the screen and must be published before the flow automatically runs in the selected Contract Profiles.