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Publishing a Contract Flow Template

Once an Administrator has created a draft contract flow template, he/she must "publish" the template so that it is active and available for use. An active flow template automatically runs in a Contract Profile when a user adds a new profile and populates the fields with data that meets the criteria defined in the flow template and any applied filters. A user can also run an active flow for an existing Contract Profile if he/she has the Flow Admin permission, and the populated fields in the profile meet the criteria defined in the flow template and any filters.

Note: Before publishing a contract flow, an Administrator can apply a filter to restrict the flow to certain Contract Profiles, instead of all contract profiles.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display the menu, and click on Contract Flow Templates to display the Published Contract Flow Templates screen.

Note: If the Contract Flow Templates link is not present, you do not have permission to use this feature.


Contract Flow Template record

Locate the draft contract flow template you want to publish, and double-click on it to on it to display its Flow Design Panel screen. Draft contract flow templates are listed in the Flow Template Drafts section of the screen.



Publish Template button

Click to publish the template and make it active in the Novatus system.



Published Flow Template records

Verify that the draft template is now displayed in the Published Contract Flow Templates section of the screen.

Note: The Novatus system will begin applying the template to all the new Contract Profiles that are added to the system. If a filter was added, the Novatus system will only run the template in the Contract Profiles that match the criteria defined in the filter. If the user has the Flow Admin permission, he/she can also run the flow from an existing Contract Profile.

Important: You can reorder contract flow templates to control the order in which templates are applied to Contract Profiles. You can also temporarily inactivate and then reactivate a published contract flow template.

Note: If you re-publish a contract flow template that has already been published, it disappears from the Flow Templates Draft section of the screen, and its Template Version Number is incremented by "1" in the Published Flow Templates section of the screen.