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Editing a Scorecard Component

A scorecard component can be edited in several ways. You can change the name of the scorecard category, edit its description, and re-weight the value of the category. You can also add, edit, re-weight, reorder, and delete questions (or statements) in the category.

1.  Click Admin in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Scorecards link.

2.  In the Scorecards menu, click Scorecard Components.

3.  In the Scorecard Components browse screen, locate the component you want to edit, and click on it to select it.

4.  In the Scorecard Component Administration screen, you can edit:

  • Basic information for the scorecard component.
  • Questions, including the wording, as well as adding and deleting questions.
    • To reorder a question, click on it, and then drag-and-drop it upwards or downwards. You are successfully moving the question if the Icon Selected Row.png message displays.
  • (Optional) My Questions and Categories section by dragging-and-dropping a Category into or out of the section.

For more information, see Adding a Scorecard Component.

5.  Click Save.