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Adding a Scorecard Component

Before Administrators can create a scorecard, they must create the scorecard components, and also create an Answer Profile containing the possible answers to scorecard questions.

Scorecard components include both:

  • Categories - a classification that defines a rating factor for your companies, contracts, and projects, such as Product Quality, Customer Service, and Deliveries.
  • Questions - a list of one or more questions or statements in a scorecard category, whose purpose is to solicit user feedback on the rating factors for your companies, contracts, and projects. Each scorecard question or statement is rated on a response scale from 1-5, which is defined in a Scorecard Answer Profile.

Scorecards, Scorecard Questions, and Scorecard Categories are all assigned values or weights. In order to obtain accurate results, the total weight of the questions in a category must be equal the category weight (Category Weight = Combined Weight of Questions in Category). Similarly, the weight of the scorecard must equal the combined weight of all the categories in the scorecard (Scorecard Weight = Combined Weight of Categories in Scorecard). For example, if a scorecard contains two component categories and both categories are equally weighted at 50, the total scorecard weight is 100. If there are five questions in each component category (i.e., a total of 10 questions in the scorecard), and if each question is equally important, then each question would be assigned a weight of 10, bringing the total scorecard wright to 100.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display a menu of your administrator functions.


Scorecards link

Select to display a secondary menu.

Note: If the Scorecards link is not present, you do not have the permissions to use this feature.


Scorecards menu

Click on the Scorecard Components button to display the Scorecard Components browse screen.



New Category button

Click to display the Scorecard Component Administration screen.



Category Name field

Enter a name for the new category.

Note: The existing categories are listed alphabetically in the Categories section of the screen.


Category Description field

Enter a description for the category.

Note: If the text you enter exceeds the viewing area of the field, click the Expand link to display a window that will allow you to view the text in its entirety.


Category Default Weight field

Assign a numerical weight for the category. This value should equal the sum of the weights of all the questions you add to the category.


Scorecard Answer Profile list

Make a selection in the list, depending on the type of answers you want displayed when a user competes a scorecard.

Note: Answers to scorecard questions (or statements) are defined in a Scorecard Answer Profile.


Search option

If there are several pages of categories listed, and to avoid creating a duplicate category, enter your category name in the Search field and click the icon. The number of pages in the Categories list is displayed at the bottom of the section. If there is only one page of categories, verify that the category you are adding does not already exist.


New Question button

Click to display a Scorecard Question dialogue box. The fields in the dialogue box allow you to enter a question for the scorecard category, provide a description to assist users in answering the question, and assign a weight to the question.

Note: Questions should be worded similarly, keeping in mind that users are going to answer each question using a rating system of 1-5. For example, all the questions in a category should require the same type of response (e.g., affirmative vs. negative); therefore you should not mix affirmatively-worded questions with negatively-worded questions in the same category or the scorecard will yield inaccurate assessments.


Question Text field

Enter a question that you want users to answer, which will allow them to rate performance or quality in this category. You can also enter a statement, but be sure to the appropriate rating scale is selected in Step H.


Question Description

Enter information that will assist the user in answering the question. The text you enter into this field displays below the question (in gray text) in any scorecard using this category.


Question Weight field

Assign a numerical weight for the question. The total combined weight of all the questions in the My Questions and Categories section should equal the value in the Category default Weight field.


Save button

Click to add the question to the category.

Continue adding questions to the category, as needed.


Edit icon

Click the icon if you want to edit any of the questions.


Delete icon

Click the icon if you want to delete any of the questions.

Important: If you delete a question and do not replace it, be sure to re-adjust the weighted value of the questions so that they equal the value in the Category Default Weight field.


Categories list

If you want to add an existing category to the new category in order to create a multi-level scorecard, click on the category and then drag-and-drop it to the My Questions and Categories section. You are successfully moving the category if the message displays.

Important: If you add a category, be sure to make the necessary adjustments so that the total weight of the questions and the category weight in the My Questions and Categories section equals the value in the Category Default Weight field.


Save button

Click to add the category and its questions.