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Adding Restrictions to an Additional Form

An Administrator can use the Restrictions option to identify the Company/Contract/Project types and groups that need to capture the information requested in an additional form when a user creates a Company/Contract/Project Profile that matches the types and groups identified in the restrictions.

 If you do not set restrictions for an additional form, a user will be able to capture the information in the form from any Profile.  If the form is not appropriate to the Contract, Company, or Project Profile, extraneous, and possibly inaccurate, information will be stored in the Profile.

An Administrator can also make an additional form mandatory so that a reminder continually displays until a user captures or completes the form.  If the information captured by the form should only be captured once, an Administrator can designate the additional form as a single-use form. The Restrictions option is also used to limit user access to an additional form by granting or denying permissions to the form based on individual user roles.

In the steps below, we are setting restrictions for a contract additional form, but the procedure is the same for a company additional form and a project additional form, except the contract form has an Agreement Type field, which is not present for the other two forms.

1.  Locate the additional form that needs the restrictions, and display its Profile Edit screen.


2.  Click the Restrictions tab.

3.  In the Restrictions view of the Profile Edit screen:

  • Locate the contract group(s) that should complete the additional form, and click on each group to select it.
    • To de-select a selection, click on the selection.
  • Locate the agreement type(s) that should complete the additional form, and click on each type to select it.
  • Locate the contract type(s) that should complete the additional form, and click on each type to select it.

4.  (Optional) Select the Mark additional form as required check box to make this form required whenever a Profile matching the group and type restrictions is added to Novatus.

5.  (Optional) Select the Use role-based security check box to make access to the additional form contingent on a user's role.

6.  (Optional) Select the This is a single use form check box to ensure this form can only be added to a Profile once.

7. Click the Dynamic Profile tab to return to the default view of the screen.

8.  Click Save.