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Conga Support

Editing a Translated List Item

A translated list item can easily be edited in the event the incorrect translation was entered, or the translator wishes to provide an enhanced translation for the list item.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display a menu of your administrator functions, and click on Lists to display the List Administration screen.

Note: If the Lists link is not in your Admin menu, you do not have the permissions to use this feature.


Fields List category

Locate the Global Translations category by entering "gl" (or global) in the Search field, and pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. To clear the search results, click on the icon. The Search option is used to search for field lists, and not list categories.

Note: The items in this category include one field list (i.e., Global Translations).


Global Translations list

Click on the link to display the existing items in the list.


Locale list

Select the appropriate language in the list (e.g., French).


List Item

Locate the list item whose translation you want to edit, and click on it to select it. List items are displayed in alphabetical order.


Translated field

Click in the field to activate it, and type over the existing text.


Save button

Click to update the translated list item.