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Clause Library Lists Overview

The Clause Library is a central location that can be accessed by all users via the Clauses link in their My Place menu, and is used to house the alternative language for your company's contracts. Administrators define the categories and types that are used to classify the clauses that are added by users (with the appropriate permissions) and stored in the Clause Library. Administrators also control user access to clauses by defining the security levels that can be assigned to individual clauses, and then assigning a specific security level to each user role. Users are then assigned roles in Novatus Contracts via their User Profile, which determines the clauses that they can view in the Clause Library.

Users can view the clauses at their designated security level, as well as clauses at lower security levels. For example, if a user is assigned a Full Read Write user role, which is assigned a "medium" security level for clauses, the user can not only access the clauses that have been assigned this security level, but also the clauses that have been assigned a lower security level. However the user would not be able to access the clauses that have been assigned a "high" security level.

  Clauses can also be inserted into a creation template during the contract creation process.

Managing the selection of clause categories and clause types, and the security levels for the clauses used in contracts, is accomplished from the List Administration screen. Administrators can perform the following tasks associated with the field lists in the Clause Library: