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Identifying a Required Person Field

Novatus designates a number of fields and lists in the default Person Profile screen as required.  Administrators can also designate any of the other system fields and lists as required.

1.  Click Admin in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Lists links.


2.  In the List Administration screen, type people into the Search field, and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.

3. In the Fields List section, click People Required Fields to display a list of the optional fields in the Person Profile that can be designated as required fields.

  A Person Profile is created by (1) selecting the People link in a Company Profile, and (2) selecting the Add External Person or Add Company Person button in the Person Browse screen, which is accessed from your My Place menu

4.  Select the Required check box for all fields that must be populated before the Person Profile can be saved. To clear a check box, click in it.

5.  Click Save.