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Adding an Item to an Additional Field List

When an Administrator adds a field list to the default Contract, Company, or Project Profile screen, they must also add the items selections for the list since the Additional Fields feature and the Lists feature work in conjunction with one another.

There are six types of lists that Administrators can add to a Contract, Company, or Project Profile: Combo List, Multi-select List, Linked Combo Field, Linked Multi-select Field, Tree Field, and Person Field. A Person Field is a system-generated list that replaces a user function with the names of all the people in Novatus Contracts who can perform this function whenever an Administrator adds a Person Field as an additional field in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, or a dynamic form (see Adding a Person Field in Adding a Dynamic Project Form).

  The Combo List, Multi-select List, Linked Combo Field, Linked Multi-select Field, Tree Field, and Person Field can also be added to an Additional (Dynamic) Company, Contract, and Project Form.

The example below, which is directly related to the example provided in the Adding a Contract Additional Field, shows how to add a list item to a Combo List and a Linked Combo Field that have been added as additional fields to a Contract Profile. While the example deals specifically with a Contract Additional Field, the procedure is the same for a Company Additional Field and a Project Additional Field.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display a menu of your administrator functions, and click on Lists to display the List Administration screen.

Note: If the Lists link is not in your Admin menu, you do not have the permissions to use this feature.

Note: The screen displays an alphabetical listing of categories (Company, Contract, Address, Clause, Document, Global Translation, People, Project, Relationship, and Workflow). Dynamic forms and additional fields are also listed alphabetically as categories.


Contract Additional Fields category

Locate the category by scrolling through the alphabetized list. You can also enter all or part of the list name (e.g., Contract Review Year) in the Search field, and pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. To clear the search results, click on the icon.

Note: The Search option is designed to locate lists, and not categories. Therefore, you can only locate the Contract Additional Fields category using the Search option if the category name was used in the name of the list (e.g., Contract Review Year).


Combo List

Click on the field list to select it. Any existing list items display on the right side of the screen. List items are displayed in ascending (A-Z and 0-9) order. To change the sort order from ascending to descending (Z-A and 9-0), click on the Name header.


Excel button

Click if the list of selections is lengthy, and you want to view the list in an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel application launches and displays a spreadsheet with an easy-to-view listing of all list items.


Add button

Click to display a new item record with editable fields. The New Item record displays at the top of the list.


New Item - Name and Description fields

  • Click on the New Item text in the Name column, and enter a name for the field list item exactly as you want it to appear in the additional field list.
  • Click on the Default Description text in the Description column, and type the information or instruction you want to display when a user "mouses-over" this item.

Important: Continue adding list items, keeping in mind that a combo list allows users to select only one of the items you add, whereas a multi-select list allows users to select two or more of the items you add.


Save button

Click to add the item selections to the additional field list (as shown below).


Once an Administrator has defined all the item selections in the combo list (e.g., Contract Review Year), the next step is to provide one or more options for each item selection in the linked field (e.g., Contract Reviewer).



Linked Field

Locate the linked combo field (or linked multi-select field) that is associated with the combo list, and click on it to select it.


Linked Field Items

Verify that the items in the linked combo field (or linked multi-select field) match the options in the combo list.


Add / Delete pop-up menu

Right-click on a combo list option to display a pop-up menu, and then select the Add button to add an item selection for the option. A New Item record displays as an indented entry below the option.



New Item record

Click on the New Item text to make the field editable, and then enter a name (or data) selection for the item. In this example, we are adding the names of the people who are responsible for reviewing contracts that are scheduled to expire in the upcoming year.



Linked Field New Item records

Add item selections for the remaining combo list options, repeating Steps J and K.


Excel button

After adding all the list items, you may not be able to view all your information without scrolling. Click the Excel button in the toolbar to generate a spreadsheet showing all the information in the linked combo field (or linked multi-select field).


Save button

Click to save your information and add items to the linked field.

 Once you have added list items to a linked field in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, you can edit, disable, and delete the items, as needed.