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Editing, Disabling, and Deleting Items in an Additional Form List

A combo list or a multi-select list can be edited by updating the name of the list item, or adding another item to the list.  A list item can be disabled temporarily if it will be needed again in the future, or permanently deleted if it is no longer relevant or applicable. 

  A linked field, tree field, and person field in an additional form can also be edited, disabled, and deleted.

The steps below show how to edit, disable, and delete an item in a combo list or multi-select list for an additional contract form, but the procedure is the same for an additional company form and an additional project form.

1.  Click Admin in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Lists links.


2.  In the List Administration screen, locate the combo list or multi-select list by typing its name (or part of its name) into the Search field, and pressing the ENTER key on your keyboard.

3.  Click on the list in the Fields List section to select it, and display the existing list items in the right side of the screen.

4.  Edit a list item by clicking on the item record and typing over the existing text in the Name and/or Description fields.

5.  Add a list item by clicking Add in the toolbar.

6.  Change the order of an item in the list by clearing the Alphabetical check box, clicking on the list record to select it, and then dragging-and-dropping it upwards or downwards to a different location in the list. If you are successfully moving a list item, the prompt displays during the move.

7.  Disable a list item by selecting its Disabled check box.

8.  Delete a list item by clicking it icon.  In the confirmation prompt, click Yes.

9.  Click Save.

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