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Setting Up a Contract Quick Tip

The Quick Tip option allows Administrators to provide instructions or additional information that will assist users in making the correct selection in a field list, or entering the correct type of information into a field. A quick tip is usually a phrase or a short sentence that provides guidance when users have several items to choose from in a Contract Profile field list. Quick tips are also used to ensure users populate a field correctly (e.g., suggest possible localities for the Contract Location field).



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display a menu of your administrator functions, and click on Lists to display the List Administration screen.

Note: If the Lists link is not in your Admin menu, you do not have the permissions to use this feature.


Field List category

Locate the Contract category by scrolling through the alphabetized list until you find the Contract (10 Items) category. You can also enter "contract" in the Search field, and click the icon, but only seven (7) of the Contract lists will display since three (3) of the lists begin with the letter "A" (Additional Party Type, Address Type, and Agreement Type). To clear the search results, click on the icon.

Note: The items in this category include eight contract field lists, a link to the profile fields that can be made mandatory, and a link to the fields for which a Quick Tip can be added.


Contract Quick Tips link

Click to display a list of the fields that can have a Quick Tip. To sort the fields, click on the Field Name header to toggle between ascending (A-Z) and descending (Z-A) order.

Important: The Contract Description field is used to provide a quick tip during the contract request process. When a user initiates a contract request and selects a Contract Request Type template, a quick tip Icon Question icon displays for the Contract Description field so that when the user hovers over the icon, the information you provide as a quick tip assists the user in populating the field with the required information. In addition, the information the user enters into this field is transferred to the Contract Description field in the Contract Profile once the contract request is approved and the profile is created.


Quick Tip field

Click inside a field to make it editable. Enter information or instructional text to assist users in entering the correct information to populate the field, or making the correct selection in the field list. You can also phrase the quick tip as a question.

Note: You can use hypertext formatting options in your quick tips, including placing key words or phrases inside bold tags (<b> </b>) or italics tags (<i> </i>).


Save button

Click to save your information and add a quick tip to a Contract Profile field or list.

 To edit the text for a Quick Tip, simply click inside the field and type over the existing text.