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Adding a Contract Responsibility

The Contract Responsibility field list is a special list that ties together three elements in assigning a contract responsibility to a user in the Contract Profile:

  • Title assigned to each contract responsibility (e.g., Contract Manager)
  • Function(s) assigned to a person in the Novatus system (e.g., Approver)
  • User type in accessing the Novatus system (i.e., System User, Company Contact, Legal Entity Person, External Participant)

A contract responsibility is defined by (1) the functions that a user must have in order to be assigned to this contract responsibility, and (2) the type of user that can be assigned this contract responsibility. Once an Administrator sets up the association between each responsibility and its function and user type, program users can assign contract responsibilities whenever they add a contract to a Company Profile. For each contract responsibility, the user assigns one individual to each responsibility. The list of available individuals for a contract responsibility depends on the associations set up by the administrator and the functions assigned to the individual users in the Novatus system. Contract responsibilities are also used to set up the restrictions for the Requester and Approver roles used in a contract request template.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display a menu of your administrator functions, and click on Lists to display the List Administration screen.

Note: If the Lists link is not in your Admin menu, you do not have the permissions to use this feature.


Field List category

Locate the Contract category by scrolling through the alphabetized list until you find the Contract (10 Items) category. You can also enter "contract" in the Search field, and click the icon, but only seven (7) of the Contract lists will display since three (3) of the lists begin with the letter "A" (Additional Party Type, Address Type, and Agreement Type). To clear the search results, click on the icon.

Note: The items in this category include eight contract field lists, a link to the profile fields that can be made mandatory, and a link to the fields for which a Quick Tip can be added.


Contract Responsibilities list

Click to display the list of existing contract responsibilities.

Important: The Contract Responsibilities section of the screen contains the existing responsibilities that can be assigned for a contract in a Contract Profile. The Person Functions section of the screen contains all the existing person functions. The Person Type section of the screen contains the default user types in Novatus, such as  Company Contact, External Person, Legal Entity Person, and User.

Note: A Legal Entity Person is an individual that has been added to a Company Profile as a contact person, and the company has been designated as a legal entity, which means the company has the legal capacity to enter into agreements or contracts, assume obligations, incur and pay debts, sue and be sued in its own right, and be held responsible for its actions.


Excel button

Click if the list is lengthy, and you want to view the list items in an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel application launches and displays a spreadsheet with an easy-to-view listing of all list items.


Add button

Click to display a New Item record with editable fields. Items are listed in alphabetical order, so the New Item will display under the letter "N."


Name and Description fields

  • Click on the New Item text in the Name field, and enter the title for the new contract responsibility.
  • Click on the Default Description text in the Description field, and enter the information or instruction that you want to display when the user hovers over this contract responsibility.


Required check box

Select if you want this responsibility to be a required field whenever a new contract is added or an existing contract is edited.


Person Functions section

Select the check box(es) for the function(s) that users must have in Novatus in order to be assigned this new contract responsibility. More than one user function can be selected.


Person Type section

Select the check box(es) for the person type(s) that can be assigned to this new contract responsibility. More than one person type can be selected.


Save button

Click to add a new item selection to the Contract Responsibility list.

  Exercise care in setting up contract responsibilities since the dynamic between user functions and types may result in your inadvertently assigning a contract responsibility to a person who is not qualified. It is recommended that you test each responsibility individually by adding a contract to the system, adding the responsibility to the contract, and then viewing the list of people who can be assigned this responsibility. An easy alternative is to only assign user functions and leave all the user type check boxes empty.