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Generating a User Report

An Administrator can run a comprehensive report that lists all the active and disabled users in the Novatus system. The report not only includes each user's name, but their login ID, user status, and the roles and functions each user performs in Novatus Contracts. The report also shows the date (and time) the report was generated, as well as the last time each user logged into the system. The User Report can be generated as a PDF file, XLS file (Excel spreadsheet), or a HTML file.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display a menu, and select Users to display the Users browse screen. The default view shows active users, but the report will provide information on all users, both active and disabled.

Note: If the Users link is not in your Admin menu, you do not have the permissions to use this feature.


User Report button

Click to display a User Report Options dialogue box.


Report Format list

Select the format for the report in the list. The options are PDF, XLS, and HTML.

Note: If you want to sort, edit, and/or reformat the report, select the XLS (Excel spreadsheet) option.


OK button

Click to display the report in a new browser window (HTML), download the report (PDF), or launch the Excel application (XLS) to view the report.

In the example below, the Excel version of the User Report is shown. Disabled users are listed first in the report.


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