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Granting a User an Additional Role (Permission)

The roles that a user can play may change over time due to increased responsibilities, and/or new program features that require permission in order to use the feature. Therefore, individual User Profiles need to be updated periodically to reflect new responsibilities and permission to new features by granting the user one or more additional roles.

  For new features, the permission must be associated with a new user role, and therefore, the role must be added before you can grant it to a user.

Another way of granting a user an additional permission is to modify a role they already hold by adding the permission to that role.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display a menu, and select Users to display the Users browse screen. The default view is active users.


User records

Locate the user whose information you want to edit, and click on the user record to display their User Profile.


Search option

To quickly locate a user, enter the first few letters of their first or last name (or other identifier) in the Search field, and click the Icon Magnifyer.pngicon. To clear the filter, click on the Icon Search Clear.png icon.

Note: You can also select the All Users option in the User Status list to display the disabled users. The information for disabled users is shown in gray text, and a disabled user can be re-enabled.

Important: Use the Search Filter to limit the fields that are searched by clicking on the Icon Search.png button to display a list of searchable fields. Select only the check box(es) for the field(s) you want to search to guarantee accurate results.



Edit button

Click to display the User Profile screen in edit mode.



Role Name check boxes

Click additional check boxes to add roles for the user. To de-select a user role, simply click in the selected check box. To select additional roles, simply click in the corresponding check box. See Standard Permission Types.

Note: If the role you need is not listed, you can add a user role using the Roles feature.


Save button

Click to save your changes and grant the user additional roles.

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