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Conga Support

Help System

Novatus Contracts provides an online help system, which is available from the Conga website. The help system is divided into two primary components:

  • User Guide, which contains basic program information and step-by-step instructions for the several tasks that can be accomplished in Novatus Contracts.
  • Administrator Guide, which contains security-related tasks and program configurations that must be performed before Novatus Contracts is ready for use.



Name link

Click on your name in the Novatus Toolbar to display a drop-down menu.


Help option

Click on the Icon HS icon to display a Help Format Select prompt.


Help Format list

Make a selection in the list, depending on the help system you want to access. The options are:

  • User Guide
  • Admin Guide

Note: You will be directed to the Conga website where you can search for the information you need.


Submit button

Click to access the selected help system.

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