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Mouse-Overs and Quick Tips

Administrators can assist users in populating a field in a Company Profile, Contract Profile, and Location Profile using the Quick Tip option, which is a component of the Lists feature. When Administrators provide a quick tip for a Company, Contract, or Location field, a Icon Question icon displays to the left of the field. When the user "mouses-over" the field, a superscript window displays with the information or instruction that the Administrator has provided for populating the field. Administrators can also create a quick tip for any of the additional field lists that they add to a profile.

Important: The Contract Description field is used to provide a quick tip during the contract request process. When a user initiates a contract request using a request type template, and hovers over the Contract Description field, the information an Administrator provides as a quick tip assists the user in correctly populating the field. The information the user enters into this field is transferred to the Contract Description field in the Contract Profile once the contract request is approved and the profile is created.

Mouse Over

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