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Login to Novatus

The Novatus Contract Management Solution is a secured network application that runs in an Internet browser (Internet Explorer 9.0 (or higher), Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) and requires a valid user name and password to log into the program. If you do not have a user name and password for Novatus, contact your System Administrator.

To begin the login process, enter the URL for the program in the Address field of your Internet browser to display the Novatus Login screen. The URL address for Novatus is: Once you login, you will be given the option to change the interface from the new Modern theme to the Classic theme.

You can also login to the program using one of the following mobile devices: Apple iOS 4+, BlackBerry OS 6.0+, and Android 2.3+.


Login Name field

Enter your login name. Login names must be unique; the system defaults your login name to your email address.


Password field

Enter your password. Passwords are case sensitive, must contain at least 8 characters, and must meet 3 of the following 4 requirements: (1) At least one uppercase alpha character [A-Z] (2) At least one lowercase alpha character [a-z] (3) At least one numeric character [0-9] (4) At least one symbol character [! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + < ? >].

Note: If your password meets all of the above requirements and is still not recognized by the Novatus system, your System Administrator has imposed the following 8 password requirements: (1) Length must be 8 characters, or more (2) No white space is allowed in the password (3) Must have 3 of these 4 character groups: uppercase, lowercase, numeric, symbol (4) No alphabetical sequences (for example, lmnop) (5) No numeric sequences (for example, 789) (6) No qwerty sequences (for example, qwerty or asdf - characters that appear in a line on the keyboard) (7) No characters that repeat more than 3 times (8) No English dictionary words.


Login button

Click to login to the Novatus system and get started!

It is suggested that you save the Novatus web address as one of your Favorites, or create a desktop icon so that you can easily launch the program.

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