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Approve a Contract Request in Salesforce

Pre-Approve a Novatus Contract Request in Salesforce

The Salesforce users who have been designated as approvers for Novatus contract requests in Salesforce are notified of a pending request in their Chatter screen. Approvers will also receive notification of pending contract requests via email if an email template was used in the approval process.

If no approval process has been set up in Salesforce, contract requests are submitted directly to Novatus for approval.

A Novatus contract request is reviewed and approved from a user's Dashboard in Salesforce, which is the default screen that displays when you login to the application.

A Chatter tab Click to display your Chatter screen.
B Contract Request entry Locate the Novatus contract request. The request will display up to four fields of information (e.g., Account, Contract Name, Effective Date).
Note: If you want to quickly approve (or reject) a contract request without reviewing it, simply click the Approve (or Reject) button. A prompt displays with a field for comments, which you can use to provide notes about your decision. Click the OK button to approve (or reject) the contract request

C Contract Request link    Mouse over the link to display a pop-up menu that allows you to view or edit the request.
D View button Click to review the information contained in the contract request.

E Contract Request information Review the information for the contract request, including the contract term and term type, proposed value, and any information provided in the Description field.
F Edit button If you want to make edits to the contract request before you approve it, click on the Edit button.
G View link If there is a file attached, click the link to display a window that will allow you to open the file in its default application, or download a copy of the file for your review. You can also delete the attached file by clicking on the Delete link.
H Reassign link If you want to reassign the approval process to another Salesforce user, click the link to display a screen that allows you to select a new approver for the contract request.
I Approve/Reject link If you are ready to approve or reject the contract request, click the link to display a screen that allows to you provide comments on your decision before approving/rejecting the contract request. The current status of the contract request is Pending.

J Comments field Enter any notes or comments on your decision to accept or reject the contract request.
K Approve button Click to approve the contract request.
L Reject button Click to reject the contract request.

Once you click the Approve button, the status of the contract request is updated to Approved in Salesforce. If an email alert has been set up, the salesperson who requested the contract receives an email message informing them that their request has been approved. Conversely, if you click the Reject button, the status of the contract request is updated to Rejected in Salesforce, and the email sent to the salesperson who requested the contract informs them that their request has been denied. The statuses of contract requests are monitored in a user's Novatus Contracts screen in Salesforce.

M Overall Status field Verify that the status of the contact request has been updated, based on your approval selection (Approved or Rejected).
N Submit to Novatus button Click to submit the contract request to Novatus where it will be reviewed a second time by a Novatus user, who will either approve or decline the contract request.