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Create a Novatus Contract Request

Create and Submit a Contract Request for Approval

You can make a Novatus contract request for a Salesforce account, which is a prospective customer that you are managing in Salesforce. You can also make a contract request for an opportunity, which is a lead or referral that comes from an existing customer, providing the opportunity is at the required stage and the probability of the opportunity becoming an account equals or exceeds the percentage value established by your Administrators for that contract type.

A contract request is made from the Novatus Contracts screen in Salesforce. To access this screen, login to Salesforce to display your Dashboard.

A Novatus Contracts tab Click to display the Novatus Contracts Home screen.
Note: If the Novatus Contracts tab is not present, customize your Dashboard in Salesforce
B New button Click to create a new contract request.

C Contract Name field Enter a name for the contract request.
Note: If you are making a request for an account, include the account name in the contract name. However, if you are making a request for an opportunity that is linked to an account, include the name of the opportunity in the contract name.
D Account field
  • Click on the Lookup  icon to display a window listing all of the accounts you have added to Salesforce.
  • Locate the account for the contract request, and click on it to select it and populate the field. If the account is not listed, you will have to add the account. Note: If the contract request you are making is for an opportunity (or lead) that arose from an existing account, select the account that is linked to the opportunity. You will then be able to select the company for which you are making the contract request in the Opportunity field.
E Opportunity field
  • Click on the Lookup  icon to display a window listing all of the opportunities that are linked to the company selected in the Account field.
  • Locate the opportunity for the contract request, and click on it to select it and populate the field. If the opportunity is not listed, you will have to add the opportunity and link it to the account.

In the example above, a contract request is being made for an account.

Note: An opportunity must be at the Proposal/Price Quote stage (with a probability of 75%), before a contract request can be submitted for the opportunity.

F Contract Type field
  • Click on the Lookup    icon to display a window listing all the available templates that can be used to create a contract request. Templates are created by your Salesforce Administrators.
  • Locate the template that most accurately reflects the type of contract request you are making, and click on it to select it and populate the field.
G Term Type list Make a selection in the list to indicate whether the contract request is for a fixed term, perpetual, or auto-renew contract.
H Request Status list Select Draft if you are not ready to submit the request, or select Submitted if you are ready to submit the contract request once you complete it.
Note: Once the contract is submitted, Novatus Contracts will automatically update the contract’s status as it goes through the approval process
I Requester field Enter your Salesforce login name as the person who is making the contract request.
J Optional fields and lists Provide the optional information, if known:
  • Description  – provide a comprehensive description of the purpose of the contract, along with any information that will facilitate the approval of your contract request.
  • Effective Date – enter the date on which the contract will begin.
  • Expiration Date – enter the date on which the contract will expire.
  • Proposed Value – provide an estimate of the contract’s value.
  • Approver – enter the name of the Novatus user you want to review/approve your contract request.
Note:   Clicking in a date field will display a pop-up calendar to assist you in selecting a date. Clicking on the current date link to the right of a date field will auto-populate the field with the current date.
Important: The Request Disposition and Contract Status fields will be auto-populated once the contract request is approved or declined in Novatus Contracts.
K Save button Click to display a screen that will allow you to attach documents to your request, as well as make any edits before submitting the request.

L Edit button Click to redisplay the previous screen if you want to edit any of the information for your contract request.
M New Note button Click if you want to add a note for your contract request.  The information you provide in the note will be seen by the person assigned to reviewing your request.
N Attach File button Click if you want to attach any files to your contract request. The Attach File screen displays.
O Attach File steps

Follow the onscreen instructions for uploading a file to your contract request:

  • Click the Browse button to display a File Upload window.  Navigate to the file you want to add, click on it to select it, and then click the Open button.
  • Click the Attach File button to upload the selected file.  The uploaded file displays at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the Done button to return to the previous screen.

Repeat Steps N-O to add additional files.

P Submit button Click to submit your contract request for approval in Novatus Contracts.
Note: If there is a Salesforce approval process in place, your request will be pre-approved in Salesforce before being submitted to Novatus for final approval.

Once you submit a contract request, the request displays in your Novatus Contracts screen, along with its current status. The status of a contract request (e.g., Draft, Submitted, Pending, Accepted, or Declined) depends not only on the contract request type, but also it's standing in the approval process. You can edit a request with a Draft status, as well as a contract request with a status of Submitted if the approval process has not yet begun. However, you can delete any contract request, no matter what its status.

You can view the status of your contracts requests from the Novatus Contracts screen in the Salesforce application.



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