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Add a Salesforce Account

Add a Salesforce Account

As a Salesforce user, you add prospective customers to the program as accounts. Salesforce allows you to store, manage, and quickly access information on each of your accounts, making you a more effective salesperson.  You can also track the progress of the deals you negotiate with accounts, commencing with the submittal of a contract request and ending with a signed contract document.

The difference between an account and an opportunity is an account is a new customer prospect, and an opportunity is a lead or referral that comes from one of your company's existing customers. If a prospect is a referral or lead provided by an existing account, add the prospect as an opportunity, rather than an account.

An account is added from the Dashboard once you login to Salesforce.

A Create New list Click on the list arrow , and select Account in the list.
To quickly add an account and populate only the required fields, click on the Accounts tab in the Dashboard. A Quick Create section displays in the left Navigation Toolbar, below the Recycle Bin.

B Account Name field Enter a descriptive name for the account.
C Parent Account list If the new account has a parent company that is already one of your accounts, click on the Look-up  icon to display a window listing the accounts that you have added to Salesforce. Click on the appropriate account name in the list to select it and populate the field.
Note: You can also search for an account by entering a few letters of the account name in the Search field and clicking the Go! button.
D Optional fields Populate the optional fields for which you have the information, including contact information (phone, fax, and website), the account Type list, Industry list, Employees field, and Annual Revenue field.
E Billing and Shipping Address fields If you want Salesforce to auto-generate a map of the billing and/or shipping address for an account, provide the street address, city, state, and zip code. Once you save the account information, an interactive map displays in the Address Information category in the screen that displays.
F Save button Click to add the account.
Note: Use the Save & New button to save the current account and display a screen that will allow you to add another account.

The screen refreshes and displays several categories for which you can provide additional information for the account, as well as create tasks, schedule events, send email messages, and upload file attachments. You can also edit account information from this screen.

G Account data The information you provided for the account displays in the Account Detail, Additional Information, and Address Information categories. Review the other categories for which you can provide information for the account, if available.
H Contacts category To add a contact person for the account, click the New Contact button to display a screen that allows you to add one or more contacts for the account.
I Open Activities category
  • To add a task related to the account, click the New Task button to display a screen that allows you to add a task for the account, and assign yourself or another person the responsibility of completing the task. You can also set a due date for the task to be completed and schedule a reminder for the person assigned to complete the task.
  • To schedule an event for the account, click the New Event button to display a screen that allows you to schedule an event, as well as invite others to attend the event, and attach a file to the message that is sent to those invited.
J Activity History category
  • To log a call for the account, click the Log a Call button to display a screen that allows you to provide comments on a phone conversation, and add a follow-up task based on that conversation. The follow-up task appears in the Open Activities category.
  • To send an email message regarding the account, click the Send an Email button to display a screen that allows you to send an email message and select the recipients for the message.
K Opportunities category To add an opportunity that is linked to the account, click the New Opportunity button to display a screen that allows you to add an opportunity for the account.
L Cases category To add a case (e.g., customer support incident or issue) for the account, click the New Case button to display a screen that allows you to record information for a case.
M Partners category To add a partner for the account, click the New button to display a screen that allows you to add a partner for the account. Partners are the companies with which you collaborate to close your sales deals.
N Notes &  Attachments category
  • To add a note for an account, click the New Note button to display a screen that allows you to create and save a note in order to capture information or comments about the account. You can make the note private so that only you (and your Salesforce Administrator) can view it.
  • To attach a document or other type of file to the account record, click on the Attach File button to display a screen with instructions for uploading a file.
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