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Salesforce Tasks

Salesforce User Tasks

Salesforce is a partner application that works in conjunction with Novatus Contracts.  Salesforce users can create a contract request for any of the accounts they are tracking in Salesforce, and then submit the contract request to Novatus for approval.  Approved contract requests result in the generation of a Novatus Contract Profile that houses the stored document, which can then be negotiated or simply sent for electronic signature if no negotiation is required.  If your organization employs the Approvals feature in Salesforce, contract requests will be pre-approved before they are submitted to Novatus for final approval.

Salesforce also allows salespeople to manage their contract requests while keeping current with the status of each contract request in real time. Salespeople are usually able to access the documents associated with a contract request, including the final signed contract.

The Salesforce tasks that are directly related to Novatus Contracts include:

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