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Grant Novatus Permissions to Salesforce Users

Novatus Permissions in Salesforce

Salesforce users must be granted permissions to the various software solutions that work in conjunction with Salesforce. Therefore, a user must be granted Novatus permissions in order to make Novatus contract requests in Salesforce.

Administrators update user permissions from the Dashboard in Salesforce, which is the default screen that displays when you login to the application.

A User Name Click on your name, located in the top right corner of your Home page, to display a drop-down menu.
B Setup option Click to display a listing of the items you can set up. The list  appears in the left Navigation Pane.
C Search field Enter "manage" in the field. A list of all matches for the keyword "manage" displays in the Navigation Pane.
D Users link Locate the link in the Manage Users section of the Administration Setup menu, and click on it to display the All Users screen.

E View list Select Active if you want to view only the active users.  The default is All Users.
F User link Locate the user who needs the Novatus permissions, and click on their name to display their User screen.
Note: If the list is lengthy, and to quickly locate a user, click on a letter link (A-Z) to display only those users whose last name begins with the selected letter.
The Edit link is used to edit basic information for the user, and the Login link allows you to login as the user and view/edit their information. However, this link only displays for users who have an Administrator status.

G Edit Assignments button Scroll down to the Permission Set Assignments category, and click the button to display the user's Permission Set Assignments screen.

H Novatus Permissions option Click on Novatus Permissions in the Available Permission Sets list box to select it.
I Add button Click to add the permission set to the Enabled Permission Sets list box.

J Save button Click to grant the user the Novatus Permissions.

K Permission Set Assignments section Verify that the user has been granted the Novatus Permissions.