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Customize the Salesforce Dashboard

Salesforce Dashboard

The Salesforce Dashboard contains tabs that link you to the information you use regularly. You can customize the Dashboard by adding and removing tabs to streamline your view.

The Home tab is the default view when you login to Salesforce, and this view includes quick access to your Chatter (email), an overview of recent activities, your pending tasks, and your daily calendar.

Users must add the Novatus Contracts tab to their Dashboard In order to create Novatus contract requests.  Administrators must add the Novatus Contract Types tab to their Dashboard in order to create contract request types, manage the pre-approval process, and perform other administrative tasks.

A Home tab The default view when you login to Salesforce is the Home tab, which shows your chatter feed, the latest posts or the most recent activity for your accounts, the current Dashboard, your pending Tasks, and your Calendar.
B All Tabs icon Click on the  icon to display the All Tabs screen.

C Customize My Tabs button Click to display the Customize My Tabs screen.
Note: You can also click on the add a tab link.

D Custom App list Ensure Sales is selected in the list.
E Available Tabs list box Locate the Novatus Contracts and the Novatus Contract Types tabs, and click on both options to select them. Use the scroll bar to view the entire list of available tabs.
Note: Novatus Contract Types allows Administrators to create the request types that will be used to make contract requests, and Novatus Contracts allows users to make contract requests.
F Add button Click to move the selected tabs from the Available Tabs list box to the Selected Tabs list box.

G Up and Down buttons Use to change the order of the tabs in the Selected Tabs list box if you want to change the order in which the tabs display in your Dashboard.
H Remove button If you want to remove a tab from the Selected Tabs list box, click on it, and then select the Remove button.
I Save button Click to save your changes and customize your view in the Dashboard. You are returned to the All Tabs screen. To exit the screen, click on any tab.


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