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Run the Jump Start Wizard

Jump Start Wizard

The Salesforce Approval Process employs two wizards - the Jump Start Wizard and the Standard Setup Wizard. The Jump Start Wizard is a single-step approval process and the Standard Setup Wizard is  a multi-step, complex approval process.

Prior to running a wizard, it is recommended that you set up the required email templates, and the approval post template,  both of which are used by the wizard. It is also recommended that you create the templates for the email alerts that are automatically sent out when a contract request is approved or declined. However, email templates, email alerts, and the approval post template are all optional elements in the Jump Start Wizard.

Novatus recommends using the Jump Start Wizard for setting up an approval process in Salesforce since a contract request goes through a second approval process once it is approved in Salesforce and submitted to Novatus.

The Jump Start Wizard is launched from the Dashboard in Salesforce, which is the default screen that displays when you login to the application.

A User Name Click on your name, located in the top right of every screen, to display a drop-down menu.
B Setup option Click to display a listing of the items you can set up. The list  appears in the left Navigation Pane.
C Search field     Enter "approval" in the field. A list of all matches for the keyword "approval" displays in the Navigation Pane.
D Approval Processes link Click to display the Approval Processes screen. The screen displays a list of all the existing approval processes, categorized under the headings Active Approval Processes and Inactive Approval Processes.
E Manage Approval Processes For list Ensure that Novatus Contract is selected in the list.
F Create New Approval Process list Select Use Jump Start Wizard in the list to display the Approval Process Jump Start Wizard screen.
Note: The other option is Use Standard Setup Wizard and is reserved for more complex approval processes.

G Name field     Enter a name for the approval process (e.g., Novatus Approval Process).
H Unique Name field This field is auto-populated and duplicates the  name you provided in the Name field. If you want to change the name of the field, click on the information   icon to the right of the field to display the formatting options for the field.
I Approval Assignment Email Template field Click on the  Lookup  icon to the right of the field to display a Lookup window with a list of the available email templates. Locate the template for the email message that you want to send to the approver for a Novatus contract request, and click on it to select it.
Note: You do not have to select an email template if the approver is a regular Salesforce user since the approver will be notified via the Salesforce application.
J Approval Post Template field Click on the  Lookup   icon to the right of the field to display a Lookup window with a list of the available approval post templates. Locate the template containing the fields you want displayed in the approver's Chatter screen when they are notified that a contract request is awaiting their approval, and click on it to select it.
Note: You do not have to select an approval post template since the contract request will still display in the approver's Chatter screen. However, if no template is used, the only information that will display in the approver’s Chatter screen will be Contract Type.
K Add Approval History... check box Select if you want all the records related to the approval (or rejection) of the contract request displayed in the History portion of the screen for the contract request.
L Criteria fields Make a selection in the Field, Operand, and Value fields to identify each of the criteria that must be met before a contract request is submitted for approval in Salesforce. For example, the criteria for a contract request requiring approval could be that the person requesting the contract has a user role of "Salesperson" in Salesforce, and the value of the contract request is $5,000 or less.
M Add Filter Logic link Click if you want to apply Boolean conditions to the criteria fields you identified in Step L in order to filter the contract requests that are submitted for approval.
N Let the submitter choose the approver manually radio button Select if you want the salesperson who submits the contract request to choose the person who will approve their contract request.
O Automatically assign an approver using a standard or custom hierarchy field radio button Select if you want to designate a Salesforce user with the role of Manager to approve the contract request. If your Salesforce Administrator has created a hierarchy of approvers for your organization, there will also be users with other roles that you can select.
P Automatically assign to a queue radio button Click on the  Lookup icon to the right of the field to display a Lookup window with a list of the available queues. If any of the queues have Novatus Contracts as the selected "object" and if you want the user(s) identified in the queue to approve the contract request, select this option.
Q Automatically assign to approver(s) radio button Select if you want to identify the approver(s) for a contract request. A user identification record displays.
R Approver field Click on the Lookup  icon to the right of the blank field to display a Lookup window, which displays a list of recently viewed users. Click on a user's name to select him/her. You can also search for a specific user.
S Add Row and Remove Row links Click on the Add Row link if you want to add another approver to the process. If you want to remove the user from the approval process, click on the Remove Row link.
T Multiple Approver radio buttons If you select more than one approver, the option to approve (or reject) by any approver is the default selection. If you require all approvers to approve the contract request, select the Require Unanimous approval from all selected approvers option.
U Save button Click to create the approval process using the Jump Start Wizard.

After creating the approval process, you must activate it in order for it to take effect. The Salesforce program also prompts you to add additional steps and workflow processes, if appropriate

V View Approval Process Detail Page button Click to display a screen that allows you to review and edit the approval process before activating it.

W View Approval Process Detail Page button Click to activate the approval process if you do not wish to review or edit it.
Note: It is recommended that you both review and edit the approval process before you activate it since the Jump Start Wizard automatically selects some of the settings for you.


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