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Create an Approval Post Template

Approval Post Templates

An Approval Post Template  can be used in the Salesforce Approval Process to standardize the information that displays in an approver's Chatter feed when he/she is notified that a Novatus contract request is awaiting his/her approval.  The information provided in the approver's Chatter feed includes fields relevant to the contract request, such as the name of the account, the contract type, and its proposed value.

Although the template limits the information in the Chatter feed to four (4) data fields, the fields that display can be changed, as needed. A  Salesforce Administrator for Novatus Contracts must create the Approval Post Template so that it is available during the approval process.

An Approval Post Template is used in the Jump Start Wizard.

An approval post template is created from the   Dashboard in Salesforce, which is the default screen that displays when you login to the application.

A User Name Click on your name, located in the top right of every screen, to display a drop-down menu.
B Setup option Click to display a listing of the items you can set up. The list  appears in the left Navigation Pane.
C Search field Enter "approval" in the field. A list of all matches for the keyword "approval" displays in the Navigation Pane.
D Post Templates link Click to display the Approval Post Templates screen.
Note: In the Folder list, ensure the All Post Templates option is selected to display a list of all the existing  templates. Check to see whether or not the Novatus template you need already exists before creating a new one.
E New Template button Click to display a New Template wizard that walks you through the process of creating a new approval post template.

F Select object list Select Novatus Contract in the list.
G Next button Click to advance to the next step in the wizard.

H Name field Enter a concise and descriptive name for the approval post template (e.g., Novatus Contract Request).
I Unique Name field This field is auto-populated and duplicates the  name you provided in the Name field. If you want to change the name of the field, click on the information  icon to the right of the field to display the formatting options for the field.
J Description field Enter the purpose of the template (e.g., Approval  display in Chatter feed).
K Default check box Select if you want to make the fields you select for this template the default fields that display in the Chatter feed for all approvers (e.g., Account, Contract Type, Proposed Value, and Effective Date).
L Available Fields list box Locate the first field that you want to display in an approver's Chatter feed, and click on it to select it. Use the scroll bar to view the entire list of available fields.
M Add button Click to move the field from the Available Fields list box to the Selected Fields list box.
Repeat Steps L-M to add a total of four fields to the Selected Fields list box.
N Up and Down buttons Use to change the order in the Selected Fields list box if you want to control the order in which the fields will display in the approver's Chatter screen.
O Remove button If you want to remove a field from the Selected Fields list box, click on it, and then select the Remove button.
P Save button Click to  create the Approval Post Template and display a Post Template Detail screen.

Q Post Template Detail screen Review and verify the information for the template.
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