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Create an Email Alert

Email Alerts for Contract Requests

An Email Alert can be used in the Salesforce Approval Process to notify a user when their Novatus contract request has been approved.  Since a contract request can also be rejected, a second Email Alert must be created to notify the user of this outcome. A Salesforce Administrator for Novatus Contracts must create all the email alerts so that they are available during the approval process.

Both the approval and rejection email alerts are used during the review and activation of an approval process.

An email alert is created from the Dashboard in Salesforce, which is the default screen that displays when you login to the application.

In the example below, the approval email alert is being created. To create the rejected email alert, repeat the procedure, but make the appropriate substitutions, including selecting the email template that indicates the contract request has been declined (Step I).


A User Name Click on your name, located in the top right of every screen, to display a drop-down menu.
B Setup option Click to display a listing of the items you can set up. The list  appears in the left Navigation Pane.
C Search field Enter "approval" in the field. A list of all matches for the keyword "approval" displays in the Navigation Pane.
D Email Alerts link Click to display the All Email Alerts screen.
E New Email Alert button Click to display a New Email Alert wizard that walks you through the process of creating a new email alert.

F Description field Enter a concise description of the alert (e.g., Novatus Contract Request Approved).
G Unique Name field This field is auto-populated and duplicates the name you provided in the Description field. If you want to change the name of the field, click on the information  icon to the right of the field to display the formatting options for the field.
H Object list Select Novatus Contract in the list.
I Email Template list Click on the Lookup  icon to the right of the field to display a Lookup window with a list of the available email templates. Locate the Novatus Post Review Email Template that indicates the contract request has been approved, and click on it to select it.
J Recipient Search options Use the search option if the list of  recipients in the Available Recipients list box is long and requires scrolling. To quickly locate a user, ensure User is selected in the Search list, enter the first few letters of the user's first or last name in the for text field, and click the Find button. The Search list contains several other categories of recipients, such as Account Owner and Role.
Note: If you do not want to copy other people on the email alert advising the user who submitted a Novatus contract request for approval in Salesforce on the outcome of his/her request, proceed to Step P.
K Available Recipients list box Locate the first recipient you want to be copied on the email alert, and click on their name to select it.
L Add button Click to move the recipient from the Available Recipients list box to the Selected Recipients list box.
Repeat Steps L-M to add all the people you want copied on the email alert to the Selected Recipients list box.
M Remove button If you want to remove a recipient from the Selected Recipients list box, click on their name, and then select the Remove button.
N Additional Emails text box Enter the email addresses of other recipients if you want other people to be copied on the email alert. After entering an email address, depress the Enter key on your keyboard so that each email address appears on a separate line.
O From Email Address list Ensure the default option, Current User's email address, is selected. The default is your email address.
P Make this address the default... check box Select only if you want all of the emails for this type of alert  to show you as the sender.
Q Save button Click to  create the Email Alert.

R Email Alert screen Review and verify the information for the email alert.



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