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How to Configure the Salesforce Contract Request Approval Process

Administrator Tasks for Salesforce Approval Process

A contract request can be reviewed and approved in Salesforce before it is submitted to Novatus Contracts to ensure the request has a high probability of being approved in Novatus. The Approvals process in Salesforce should be set up by a  Salesforce Administrator for Novatus Contracts.

The Approvals feature is available  in the ENTERPRISE, UNLIMITED, and PERFORMANCE versions of Salesforce, but the feature is not supported in the PROFESSIONAL version.

In establishing an approval process, an Administrator  must create an approval process using  the Jump Start Wizard or the Standard Setup Wizard and identify the approver(s) for the contract request. There are four optional steps that can be followed for use with the Jump Start Wizard:

  1. Create an Email Template  to customize the email message that an approver receives to notify them that a Novatus contract request is awaiting their approval. If a template is not created, the email message received by the approver contains no information on the contract request, but does provide a link to the request in Salesforce.
  2. Create  Email Alerts to generate an email message to the Salesforce user when their contract request has been approved or rejected. If email alerts are not created, the user must monitor the request in their Novatus Contracts screen.
  3. Create an Approval Post Template to identify the information that displays in an approver's Chatter screen when they are notified that a contract request is awaiting their approval. If a template is not created, the display in the Chatter screen shows only the contract name.
  4. Review and Activate an Approval Process, which includes identifying the email alert to be sent to a salesperson when their Novatus contract request is approved in Salesforce, and the email alert to be sent when their contract request is denied. Email alerts also allow you to copy up to five (5) recipients on the message sent regarding the approval status of a contract request.  If emails are not sent after a contract request is approved/rejected, the Salesforce user must monitor the request in their Novatus Contracts screen.
In addition to Email Alerts, Administrators can also add Tasks, Outbound Messages, and Field Updates for use with an approval process in Salesforce.

Once an Approval Process is established, an Administrator can perform the following tasks relative to the approval process:

  • Make edits to the Approval Process, including its name, description, entry criteria, notification templates, submitters, approvers, and the approver's page layout.
  • Deactivate an Approval Process so that it is no longer applied to new Novatus contract requests.
  • Change the order in which Approval Processes are applied to a Novatus contract request if there is more than one approval process.