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Profile Rule Condition Behavior

Note: You must be a Novatus Administrator to edit Profile Rules. 

How to Configure Profile Rule Conditions

  1. In the Admin menu, click Profile Rules.

  2. Select the relevant profile or dynamic form that you wish to create a rule for.
  3. Profile Rule conditions can utilize both AND and OR functionality.
  4. To setup an AND condition, you will want to create multiple conditions within your rule.  For example, we see below that, when the Contract Group is set to Information Services AND the Contract Type is set to Data, the value Active will be forced into the Contract Status field.
    You cannot use the same field when setting up an AND condition.  For example, you cannot have Contract Group in IT AND Contract Group in Information Services.  This will not work.
  5. To setup an OR condition, you will want to select multiple values within a single condition to define the OR options.  For example, we see below that, when the Contract Group is either Purchasing Group, Sales Group, OR Human Resources the Deadline for Signature will force in a date value.

  6. You can use a combination of both the AND and OR condition rules to further customize and automate your process.
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