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Conga Support

Adding Additional Fields to the Contract Profile

 In order to do this a user must have the "Dynamic Forms Admin" permission type assigned to their role.  Also, please note that any additional fields that are added cannot be deleted.  They can be hidden, however.

1. Click  Admin drop-down.

2. Click Dynamic forms.

3. Click Contract Additional Fields.

4. Click Add Field to add a new field.

5. Fill out the new field's name and type.  The descriptions for the field types are as follows:

  • Text (256 characters or less) and Long Text (up to 40 pages)
  • Date (e.g., start and end dates)
  • Number (whole numbers only; no decimals or fractions)
  • Combo List (users can select one option)
  • Currency (both dollars and cents)
  • Multi-select List (users can select multiple options)
  • Tree Field (hierarchy of information). Administrators can set up a hierarchy of text/values that can be used to organize and store several options for a single field. For example, a tree field can include a hierarchy with a top level of Division, and a secondary hierarchical level of Departments. Once the user select a division, a sub-folder displays with a list of departments within the division.
  • GIS Geometry field (visual representation of locational data). Administrators can provide the coordinates for the location of a company or an individual, and when the user clicks on the field, a map displays showing the location.
  • Linked fields (combo list can be linked to either a linked combo field or a linked multi-select field) . Administrators associate the individual values in a combo list with corresponding values in a linked field list so that when the user makes a selection in the combo list, the system automatically provides the user with the options for their selection.

6. Click Save to add this field to contract additional fields.

7. Now on the additional fields screen click Save to add this field to the contract profile