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Deploy the Conga Invoice Automation for Salesforce Billing Starter Pack

What is the Composer Starter Pack?

The Conga Composer Starter Pack includes all of the necessary components for a document generation solution. The purpose of the Starter Pack is to help customers get up-and-running quickly with a pre-configured template and pre-determined data sources.

The Conga Invoice Automation starter pack includes:

  • One invoice template built-in Microsoft Word.
  • Two Conga Queries which gather line-item data and usage data for the invoice document.
  • One custom button on the Invoice object (this is where the document generation process is initiated).
  • One Conga Solution record named Generate Invoice. This is where you can manage the document generation process.
  • Up to 1,000 free invoices per month.

How do you deploy the Composer Starter Pack?

To use the out-of-the-box Starter Pack, follow these steps:

  1. When installing Conga Invoice Automation, select Install for All Users.
  2. Select Conga Invoice Automation from the App drop down.
  3. Click the About Conga Invoice tab.
  4. Enable Remote Sites. Select Click Here to Configure Remote Sites.
  5. Add each remote site by clicking Add Site and Save on the Remote Site Edit page that opens.  A green check appears next to the Remote Site and you can close the window.
  6. After enabling Remote Sites, click Create Conga Solution. 
  7. Click Create Custom Button. If you do not have Salesforce Billing installed, you should see an error. The button is created on the Invoice object.
  8. Now you need to add the newly created button onto the Invoice page layout. Navigate to an Invoice record and click Edit Layout.
  9. Click Buttons and drag the Generate Invoice button onto the page layout and click Save.

When creating Composer solutions with Solution Manager you can usually add Composer buttons to page layouts through the point-and-click user interface.  However, when adding a Composer button to a Salesforce Billing object you must add the button manually because Salesforce Billing is a managed package. Rest assured you can still utilize the rest of the Conga Solution Manager features with the free version of the product.  See Create a Custom Conga Invoicing for Salesforce Billing Solution for more information.

  1. The button uses Open Authorization (OAuth) security, so you must also Configure Composer as a Connected App before using the solution.
  2. After configuring OAuth, you can launch the Generate Invoice button from an Invoice record to start generating Invoices.

 After deploying the Composer Started Pack, Create Conga Solution and Create Custom Button no longer appear on the About Conga Invoice tab.