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About Conga Invoice Automation for Salesforce Billing

This page applies to: Conga Invoice Automation for Salesforce Billing

Conga Invoicing for Salesforce Billing is a free product that works exclusively with Salesforce Billing.  It allows Salesforce Billing customers to customize and export invoices, statements, receipts, etc., providing a free and powerful way to generate documents.

What's in the Package?

The Conga Invoicing for Salesforce Billing package includes:

What is the Composer Starter Pack?

The Conga Composer Starter Pack includes all of the necessary components for a document generation solution. The purpose of the Starter Pack is to help customers get up-and-running quickly with a pre-configured template and pre-determined data sources.

The Conga Invoicing starter pack includes:

  • One invoice template built in Microsoft Word.
  • Two Conga Queries which gather line-item data and usage data for the invoice document.
  • One custom button on the Invoice object (this is where the document generation process is initiated).
  • One Conga Solution record named Generate Invoice. This is where you can manage the document generation process.

What are the Limitations?

Conga Invoicing for Salesforce Billing includes all of the features and functionality of Conga Composer with the following exceptions:

  • Customers can only generate documents from the objects within the Salesforce Billing installed package (those with the blng prefix).
  • Word and HTML Email are the only supported template types.
  • Email and PDF are the only output file types.