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Product Education Newsletter - 8/24/17

What's new and exciting from Product Education?

New features for Composer (Blanca 8.15.x) - Release notes
  • Quick Starts - Quick Starts are available in Composer 8.15 and newer (see the Product Install Links to install or upgrade to Composer). You can use the Quick Start wizard to get started with Composer solutions quickly. The wizard allows you to select and deploy pre-built solutions complete with queries, templates, and behavior settings that are already configured. For more information, see Composer Quick Starts.
  • Updated video for Getting Started with Composer.
  • Support for Conga Composer, Conga Batch, and Conga Trigger are available in the European Union (EU) environment.
    • Custom Metadata support for Composer handles North America (NA) and European Union (EU) environments.
    • Support for Composer for Salesforce1 is available in the EU environment.
    • How-to instructions area available for INTERNAL use  only:  INTERNAL only instructions 
  • Content controls were added for Conga Contracts field mapping. The DataTagEnable parameter allows content controls in Contracts by using the 2 value. See the DataTagEnable parameter for more information.
  • You can save HTML email markup to an Activity related list on the Salesforce Object without the need to send an outbound email. See the AC5 parameter for more details.
  • Integration between Composer to Contracts Send for Negotiation email service was successful. You can see edit and verify information in an email preview window before you send an email for negotiation in Contracts or send emails automatically. New values added ds7=111 and ds7=112 were added to the  DS7 parameter to unitilize Conga Contracts email service.
    • Support for the &DS7=13 parameter. This parameter runs a merge in background mode, delivers the merged output to the user's browser, then returns the user to the Salesforce master record that initiated the merge.
    • Added &DS7Preview=2 parameter to hide the document download tray on the background preview UI in Composer.
  • You can use the bigtincan service to store files. Composer users must contact bigtincan support to enable the functionality for their account. For more details, see the bigtincan integration parameters.
  • Increased the number of Box folders that can be accessed by Composer from 100 to 1000. See Box Integration for more information.
  • Increased the maximum number of templates for each solution from 10 to 20. See Composer product data limits for more information.
  • Recursive merge is available for Enterprise customers. See RM parameter settings (New parameter: &rm=[0,1]) for more information.
New features and fixes for Conga Grid Release 1.74.17 - Release notes
  • The Import feature no longer hangs when you perform an action. 
  • When you install the CPQ template, you receive an updated version of the template on your Quote Grid.
  • Related Columns filter with excludes option performs the correct function. 
  • When you look at the number of records, it displays the total number of records for that object.
  • When copying and pasting multiple values into Look-up fields the values paste properly.
Features and fixes for Conga Contracts
  • New parameters documentation for Conga Contracts. You can use these parameters when using Conga Composer as the document generation engine for Conga Contracts. 
New features and fixes for Conga Contracts v8.0.3 - Release notes
  • Additional words and text strings have been translated for use with the new features and enhancements available in Release 8.0.  These additional words and text strings have been translated into all six languages available in Conga Contracts: French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), and Simplified Chinese.
  • Users with the Word Add-In Access permission can now add a plug-in to their MS Word program that will run a Conga Contracts browser window inside Word.  From the browser window, users log in to Conga Contracts, and are able to search for clauses stored in the Clause Library.  Users then drag-and-drop clauses from the Library directly into an open Word document.  The browser window is collapsible when not needed, and the plug-in is downloaded from the Clause Browse screen in Conga Contracts.
  • Administrators now have the ability to change the sequencing of the forms that have been added to a Request Type Bundle by dragging-and-dropping the form’s tab to the left or right in the Request Type Bundle Edit screen.  Reordering the forms changes the order in which forms display in the Creation Wizard when a user makes a contract request using the updated Request Type Bundle.
  • The Conga Contracts Portal now displays the Conga Contracts logo. The Portal allows individuals without Conga Contracts credentials to participate in a document or eSignature package and a supplier registration.
  • Conga Contracts Technical Requirement updates
Other new and cool updates:
  • Installation links for Conga Products updates
  • Composer Business Edition vs. Enterprise Edition updates
  • Supported Functionality for Composer and Salesforce1 updates
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