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Conga Support

Using the Multi-Print Function

This page applies to: Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus)

The Multi-Print function allows you to simultaneously print all of the documents stored in a Contract, Company or Project Profile by combining all selected document types (Word, PDF, and Excel) into a single PDF file. This is a time-saving feature since you no longer have to open and print each document separately.

   Although the Contract Profile is used in the screen shot below, the same steps also apply to using the Multi-Print function in a Company Profile and Project Profile.

1. Open the Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

2.  In the Links section, located at the bottom of the screen, click the Documents link.

3.  In the Documents screen, click Multi-Print in the toolbar.


4.  When the screen refreshes, click inside the check box of each document you want to print. 

  • To select all documents, click the in the check box that is in line with the column headings.

  If a document has a revision, both the original document and the revision will appear in the combined PDF file.

5.  Click Preview in the toolbar, and follow the onscreen prompts to download the PDF file containing the selected documents.

  • Based on the browser you are using, one of the following prompts will display:

    • Google Chrome - Click the multiprint.PDF tab, located in the bottom left of the screen, to display the file in a new browser window where you can save, print, and rotate the file.
    • Firefox  - In the Opening window, click OK to open the file in Adobe Reader (or Acrobat), or select the Save radio button to open a window that allows you to rename the file and navigate to the location on your PC where you want to save the file, and then click OK.
    • Internet Explorer - In the download bar, click Open to open the file in Adobe Reader (or Acrobat), or click SaveOpen Folder to open a Download window that allows you to navigate to the location on your PC where you want to save the file.