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Filter Quick Menu

This page applies to: Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus)
This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

Analytics provides a drop-down menu for the filters you have added to your report to quickly access the available functions for each filter, which include aggregating the field, formatting the field, and updating the configuration of the filter.

Aggregating a Filter

Applying an aggregation to a field that has been designated as a report filter results in the filter being applied to the aggregated value instead of individual report records. For example, if you filter on an Amount field, you will be filtering on each record, so applying the Sum aggregation to the Amount field would filter only the sum total of the values in the Amount field.



Filter panel

From the Data view, hover over a filter in the Filters panel until the image334.png icon displays. Click on the icon to display a menu for the filter.

  The menu will vary, depending on whether the field is a dimension, metric, or date.


Aggregation menu

Click on Aggregation to display a second menu with a list of available aggregations for the field.


Aggregation options

Click on an aggregation to select it (e.g., Sum).

  The aggregation options that display depend on whether the field is a dimension (text-based), a metric value, or a metric date. See Aggregations for a description of each aggregation, and a list of available options for each field type.



Output tab

Click to display the report output.


Filters heading

Locate the heading in the report. All filters for the report are defined below the heading.


Filter aggregate

View the results of the aggregated filter (i.e., Sum of Amounts Paid) for the report records.

Defining Operands, Values, and Advanced Settings

The remaining options in the Filters Quick Menu are OperandValueFormat, and Advanced Settings. The Operand, Value, and Advanced Settings selections all involve configuring the filter. The Format selection involves formatting the filter display.