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Search (Browse Screens)

This page applies to: Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus)

The Search option that is available from most browse screens allows you to locate one or more data records stored in the screen, such as a specific company or contract listed in the All Companies or All Contracts screen. The browse screens linked to Company and Contract Profiles also contain the Search option, allowing you to quickly locate stored Documents, Addresses, Additional Forms, Workflows, Payments, and other linked data. 

The My Place menu contains links to several browse screens that include the Search feature, such as the Person and Clause browse screens. 

  The Search option that is available from the Navigation Toolbar allows you to run an elastic or classic search on all data stored in Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus). 

1.  Open the browse screen whose records you want to search.

2.  In the toolbar, hover over the Search label until it turns blue Icon SearchList.png, and then click on it to display a list of searchable fields.  Click in the check box to the left of the fields you want to search.

3.  Enter a name, word, text string, or value in the Search field, and click

     Search results are returned only if you enter the first name, word, or value, or the beginning word in a text string, used in any of the searchable fields for a data record.  For example, if you are searching for a company whose name is Pearson Wallace & Blake, results will be returned if you enter Pearson or Pearson Wallace in the Search field, but no results will be returned if you enter Wallace or Blake.

  • To search for a name, word, value, or text string, that is not the leading text/value for any of the searchable fields for the record, precede your search criteria with the wild card symbol, the asterisk (*).  For example, if you are searching for all the Amendments that were uploaded as documents in a Contract Profile, enter *Amendment in the Search field in the Documents browse screen linked to the Profile.  Search results will include all documents that contain the word Amendment in the document name or description fields, as well as any other searchable fields that contain the word.

4.   Click Icon Search Clear.png to clear the filter.

Locate time of performance clauses in the Clause Library by entering *time of performance in the Search field and clicking.  The results returned will include both clauses with the phrase "time of performance" in their name, as well as occurrences of the phrase in the clause text.

Search Browse2.png

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