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Conga Support

Browse and Input Screens

This page applies to: Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus)

Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus) program screens are state-of-the art. The program uses two main types of screens: Browse (or data) screens that allow you to view a list of data records and Input screens that allow you to enter and edit information.

  The screen below depicts the All Contracts browse screen, but the same features are available in the All Companies browse screen.  Most of the features are also available in the other browse screens.

Browse Screens

Browse screens are used to view, sort, filter, and export key information for a data set, such as companies, contracts, and documents.



Status multi-select list

To display a list of contracts by status, make one or more selections in the list.


Search option

  • Click Icon SearchList.png to display a list of searchable fields, and then click in the check box to the left of the fields you want to search.
  • Enter a beginning keyword or value in the Search field, and clickFor example, entering the word Fixed and selecting the Term Type check box will display accurate search results for all contracts with a fixed term type.
  • Click Icon Search Clear.png to clear the filter.
C Sort option To sort the information in a column in ascending or descending order, click (toggle) on the column heading.


Column display

To customize the information in a browse screen, hover over a column heading until the Icon Column.png icon displays, and click on it to open the Sort/Column menu.  Click Columns to display a list of available fields, and select the fields you want displayed by clicking in the check box to the left of the field.


Reorder and Resize Columns

  • To resize a column, hover over the right or left border of the column heading until the resize icon appears. Then, click and drag the border to the desired width.
  • To move a column to a different location in the browse screen, click on the column heading and drag it to the left or right, dropping it in the desired location. When the icon displays, you are successfully moving the column.


Export to Excel

Click to launch Excel and generate a spreadsheet containing all the information displayed in the browse screen.


Download Document icon

To download a document stored in the Profile, click to display a list of the documents that have been uploaded to the Profile.  Click on a document in the list to select it, and follow the onscreen prompts.


Multi-Party icon

Identify the contracts that have been signed by more than two parties, indicated by the multi-party icon.


Show Items list

To change the number of data records that display on each screen, change the default selection.


Jump to Page option

To view a specific page of contract records, enter a value in the Page field and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.


Paging option
  • To move forward or back one page, use the and icons.
  • To display the first or last page, use the and  icons.


Refresh option To return the browse screen to the default view after a running a search or making changes to the display, click  image053.png.

Input Screens

Input screens are used to capture and store program data.



Required fields

A required field is identified by a red highlight and a This field is required statement.


Optional fields

An optional field should be populated if you have the requested information.


Additional fields

Every Company, Contract, and Project Profile contains an Additional Fields section that can contain both required and optional fields that have been added by your Administrators.



If a field contains a help icon, hover over the field to display a pop-up that will assist you in populating the field.