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Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus) Object Methods

This page applies to: Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus)

Each service provides a create, update, and query method. These methods work identically with the exception of Additional Form queries and the creation of Documents. The Contract service also provides additional methods for handling additional parties. In each of the examples, the service has been created beforehand and named "service."

 Services include the Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus) Document, Project, and ListAdmin services, as well as those provided for  the following Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus) objects: Company, Contract, Document, Dynamic Form, Payment, User, Company Person, Project, ProjectMenuItem, Person, Event, ProjectTeamMember, ListComboItem, Company Locations, Company Additional Names, Company Relationships, and Contract Addresses.

Additional Parties

The contract service has two additional ways to get and set the additional parties, which means you can query, update, and create the additional parties associated with a Contract Profile.