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Adding a Task List

This page applies to: Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus)

Administrators are responsible for creating task lists for the processes and procedures that are routinely performed for companies, contracts, and projects in Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus). Creating a task list includes defining all the tasks in a process or procedure in an ordered sequence, and identifying the individual responsible for completing each task. When users add a task list to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile, they can use an Administrator-defined Task List as a template where they simply set the completion date for each task.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Admin to display your administrator functions, and select Task Lists to display the Task List Browse screen.

Note: If the Task Lists link is not present, you do not have permission to use this feature.


Add Task List button

Click to display the Task List Edit screen.



Task List Name field

Enter a concise and descriptive name for the task list.


Task List Description field

Enter a description of what the task list was created to accomplish.


Add Task List Item button

Click to display a blank list record that allow you to identify the first task and assign an individual to the task.


Task List Item Subject field

Click in the field to enable it, and enter a concise description of the task. If the tasks in the list need to be completed in a specific order, number the steps so that they will display in the correct order when the task list is saved. Otherwise, the tasks will be displayed in the reverse order of how you add them. To change the sort order of tasks, simply click on the Task List Item Subject column header.

Important: A task cannot be edited once you save the task list, so exercise care when adding each task to the list. However, you can delete the task and replace it with a new task.


Task List Owner list

Click in the field to enable the list, and select the person you want to complete the task from the list of available users.

Repeat Steps E-G to add additional tasks to the list.


Delete icon

If you want to remove a task from the list, simply click on its icon. The entire task record, which includes both the task and the person assigned to complete the task, will be deleted.


Save button

Click to add the task list.

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