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Conga Support

Registering as a Supplier

This page applies to: Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus)

Once you log into the Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus) Portal as a supplier, you must provide basic company information in the default Supplier screen. If you need assistance in populating a field, hover over the field to display a quick tip.



DUNS Number field

Enter your company's Data Universal Numbering System number.


Tax ID field

Enter your company's Tax Identification Number.


Address fields

Enter the address for your company, including the street address, city, state, and postal code. Then select the country in which your company is based.


Web address

Enter the URL for your company's website.


Phone and Fax Number fields

Enter a phone number and fax number for your company


Save button

Click to save your supplier information.

After saving your information in the Supplier screen, you are redirected to the Registrations screen. If you want to return to the Supplier screen to make edits to the information, simply click on the  tab to redisplay the Supplier screen, and then click the Edit button to make the fields editable.



Instructions text

Read the instructions provided to ensure you successfully complete the registration process.


Form link

  • Click on a document link to display an Opening window. A link indicates a document or form that you must download, complete, and then upload back to the Portal.
  • Select the Save file option and save the file to a location on your computer where you can easily locate it.
  • Open the file, enter all the required information into the document or form, and then save it.

Note: If there are no linked documents, proceed to the Step I.


Document instructions

Read the instructions for the document you are requested to upload.

Important: A required document contains the statement: This document is required for the registration process. Therefore, if you do not upload the required document, you will not be able to submit your registration request.


Upload button

Click to display an Upload Document dialogue box.


Select button

  • Click to open a File Upload window that will allow you to navigate your computer's hard drive to locate the document you need.
  • Select the correct document, and then click the Open button in the File Upload window to upload the document.


Notes field

If desired, enter any information you wish to communicate about the document in this field.


Submit button (Upload Document window)

Click to submit the uploaded document. Your uploaded document now appears as a link, and a Download button appears.

Continue the process of uploading all the required documents.



Edit button

If you want to edit any information before submitting your registration, click to display all sections of the form in edit mode. Save and Cancel buttons will display for each section, allowing you to save the edits you make in a section of the form or cancel the editing for a section.


Submit button

Click to display a Confirm Submission prompt.


Notes field

If you want to change the default message (Submitted for approval), click in the field and type over the existing text.

Note: You can use this field to provide additional information on you supplier registration request or communicate with the individual who is approving the request. If the text you enter exceeds the viewing area of the field, click the Expand link to display a window that allows you to view the text in its entirety.


Submit button

Click to submit the supplier registration for approval. A Thank You prompt displays, confirming your submission.

  If you have to exit the registration process before completing the entire process, click on the tab in the top left of the screen to redisplay the pending registrations, and then click on a registration to resume the supplier registration process.