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Conga Support

Copying a User Role

This page applies to: Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus)

Administrators can quickly create a new user role by making a copy of an existing user role, and then modifying the permissions.

1.  Locate the user role you want to copy.

2.  In the Role Profile screen, click Copy in the toolbar.

3.  When the screen refreshes, enter a name for the new role in the Role Name field.

4.  (Optional) Update the description of the role in the Role Description field.

5.  (Optional) Change the selection in the Clause Security list to identify the security level for the clauses that this user role is permitted to use.

6.  Edit the permission types and/or the company, contract, project groups, additional forms, and document types that the user role can access.  For additional information, refer to Step 5 in Adding a User Role.

7.  Click Save.