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Adding a User Role

This page applies to: Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus)

Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus) provides 36 default permissions types that Administrators can use in any combination to create a user role.  When a user is assigned to a role, they can perform the tasks associated with each permission granted in the role.  Administrators can apply a second level of security to a role by limiting access to Company, Contract, and Project Profiles based on the group to which the Profile belongs.  Other security can be applied to a user role by restricting the user's ability to capture supplemental data using additional forms and restricting the types of documents the user can access. Within the Company and Contract groups, users can be granted or denied access to the documents stored in the Profile, as well as the ability to upload documents to the Profile.  In the Contract group, the ability to run the eSignature Package Wizard can be granted or denied.

A user role can also be created without any of the default permission types.  The role would grant permissions based on Company, Contract, and/or Project groups, and access to Additional Forms and Document Types.

The default permission types for a user role range from Restrict To My Contracts to System Settings Admin, which is an all-encompassing permission that allows the Administrator to view and modify program data, as well control the system, integration, and email settings for Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus).

1.  Click Admin in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Roles link.

2.  In the Roles screen, click New Role in the toolbar.


3.  In the Role Profile screen, populate the Role Name and Role Description fields.

4.  (Optional) Make a selection in the Clause Security list to identify the security level for the clauses that this user role is permitted to use.

5.  (Optional) Select the Limit Editing User Preferences check box to prevent any user holding this role from populating or editing the fields in the Name, Address, and Contact tabs in their User Preferences window.

Users will still be able to access the Email Signature field in their Contact tab.


6.  Assign one or more permissions to the role, and/or select one or more company, contract, or project groups, additional forms, or document types that the user role can access:

A role can be created by selecting any one permission, group option, additional form option, or document type option.  Conversely, a role can contain several permissions, and several company, contract, and project group options, as well as several additional form and document type options.

  • In the Permission Types section, select the check boxes for all the permission types you want to assign to the user role.
  • Under the Company Groups tab, select the check boxes for the company groups the role can access:
    • Viewable - user can view information in the Company Profiles for companies in this group.
    • Create - user can add to the information stored in the Company Profiles for companies in this group, such as creating events, adding company contacts, and sending messages.
    • Modify - user can edit the basic information in the Company Profile screen, as well as editing linked information, such as locations and relationships.
    • Documents - user can view and download documents stored in the Company Profiles.
    • Document Upload - user can upload documents to the Company Profile.
    • Full - user is granted all of the above permissions.
  • Click the Contract Groups tab, and select the check boxes (Viewable, Create, Modify, Documents, Document Upload, and/or Full) for the contract groups the role can access. 
    • Run eSignature Wizard -  user can run the eSignature Package Wizard. This permission works in conjunction with the Contract Request feature and allows users who have made a contract request, which has been approved, to run the wizard so that the contract is sent for electronic signatures. 

If you click on the Full check box without first selecting the Run eSignature Wizard check box, the Full check box will remain unselected.

  • Click the Projects tab, and select the check boxes (Viewable, Create, Modify, Documents, Document Upload, and/or Full) for the project groups the role can access. 
  • Click the Document Types tab, and select the check boxes (Viewable, Create, Modify, and/or Full) for the document types the role can access. 
    • The document types that appear in this list are determined by the selections made in the Role Security check boxes in the Document Types list in the List Administration screen.

7.  Click Save.