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Messaging Window

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Messaging window has two views: (1) Input screen used to create and send an email message from a Company, Contract, or Project Profile, along with any document attachments.  (2) Browse screen that displays all messages sent from the Profile, as well as the reply emails received from Conga Contracts or other email services like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo. The original message and replies to the message are stored in a hierarchy and include summary information for easy identification.

  You can view the messages that included you as a recipient from the Recent Messages portlet in your Dashboard. Each message is linked to the Messaging window in its corresponding Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

Messaging Window - Browse View

Open the Messaging window by: (1) clicking a message record in the Recent Messages portlet in your Dashboard, or (2)  clicking the Messaging link in the Links section of a Contract, Company, or Project Profile.


A Message hierarchy
  • Review the messages that have been sent from the Profile, which display at the top level of the hierarchy.
  • Review the responses to a message, which display as indented entries at a lower level in the hierarchy.
    • Click the expand and collapse icons to display/hide threads for a message.


Message list display

  • To expand the list of viewable messages, hover over the bottom border of the list until the Icon Resize window2.gif icon displays. Click the icon and drag the border downward.
  • To resize the Subject, Created On, From, and Content columns, hover over the left or right border until the Icon Resize window4.gif displays. Click the icon and drag the border to resize the column.

The Content column displays the beginning text from the body of the email message.


Message records

Click on a message record to display the message in the bottom of the window, along with the email addresses of the recipients.

D Attachments link Click a document link to download a copy of the document attached to the email message.


Reply button

Click to reply to the sender of the message.


Reply All button

Click to reply to the sender of the message, along with the others who were copied on the message.


Delete Thread button

Click to delete the original message and all replies.


New Thread button

Click to create and send a new email message.

Messaging Window - Input View

Open the Messaging window by clicking the Messaging link in the Links section of a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, and then click New Thread in the toolbar.


A Message To field Populate the field using one of the following options:
  • Click to use the Address Book to select recipients and/or an email distribution list.
  • Begin typing an email address into the field to display a drop-down list of possible matches, and click an address to select it.


Message Cc field

Populate the field using the same options available in the Message To field.
C Subject field Enter a subject for the email message.
D Content text box Type your message into the text box, or use the Copy & Paste functions to quickly populate the field with text from another program or application.
E Formatting toolbar
  • Use the text buttons to bold, italicize, and underline text. 
  • Use the lists to change font size, text color, and background color. 
  • Use the alignment options to center text, right-justify, left-justify, or fully justify the text.
  • Use bullets and numbering to organize text.
  • Use the indent buttons to increase or decrease text indentations. 
  • Use the Icon Undo Redo.png arrows to undo or redo the previous action.
F Attach Document button Click to display the Attach Document view of the window and attach a document to the message.
G Send button Click to send the email message.


Messaging Window - Attach Document View

When creating a new message, the Messaging window displays an Attach Document button in the toolbar. When the button is clicked, the window refreshes and displays as the Attach Document window.


A Revision hierarchy

Review the list of documents that are stored in the Profile.

The number 1 indicates there is only one version of a document.  If there are two or more versions, the most recent document is displayed and a number other than 1 appears in the Revision column.  Click a document's icon to display older versions of the document.

B Document record

Click on a document record to add it as an attachment.

  • Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard to select more than one document.
C Contract Documents tab Click to display the contract documents linked to the Profile if the document needed is not in the default view.
D Company Documents tab Click to display the company documents linked to the Profile if the document needed is not in the default view.
E Global Documents tab Click to display the available global documents if the document needed is not in the default view.
F Attach Selected Document button Click to attach the document to the email and redisplay the Input view of the Messaging window.